The Story

Hey there! My name is Rebecca, the founder and owner of Northland, and I am a self taught web designer and developer who can't wait to work with you to create something we both love. I am all about minimalism, simplistic lines, and impactful images.

I have a finance and accounting background but have always had a creative vein that has needed fulfilling - cue "Northland"; my outlet for creativity, freelance projects, an online community, and a space to share the projects I am currently loving and working on.

Northland is my space to practice and progress multiple skill sets - web design, web development, and all things "technical creative".

Design Philosophy

I didn't grow up taking apart computers and putting them back together, or spend my elementary school days learning how to code. I ran around recklessly outside with my siblings, spent time in the kitchen with my mom, chopped and stacked firewood with my dad (still to this day, the most dreaded chore), and learned to appreciate the natural world around me.

I didn't grow up thinking that I would spend my days at the computer designing and building websites but now that I get to do that, I am so thankful that I get to use the outdoors as an inspiration for my design style.

My design philosophy is simple but statement worthy - think focus on the photography, a streamlined presentation that works and is visually appealing.

Some fun stuff

I live in Detroit with my husband and pup, and we love the outdoors. On weekends, you will find me at the beach, or in the woods and I love sharing my favorite things to do in my favorite state. If not outdoors, I'm scouring cook books, planning meals or spending time in the kitchen cooking or baking. Check out my blog for foody things.

Thanks for being here, please look around and message me if you have any questions or want to work together.